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About us

AVIP Group is one of few companies on the Polish market which offer comprehensive services for small and large cultural events, advertising and promotional campaigns and organization of events - special events. Our long and extensive experience in the organization ensures efficiency and speed. Organization of a concert, event or festival requires at least a few weeks and sometimes many months of preparation and work of the whole team. The founder and the artistic director of AVIP Group is Wojciech Mrozek, Ph.D. His remarkable artistic talent, his kind and communicative way of being, competence and 20 years of impresario experience have allowed us to produce small and large cultural events, international projects and music shows admired around the world. We also have the opportunity to work with an international group of artists, managements and corporations. Our experience, dedication, positive energy, speed and professionalism in action allow for production of small and large events, concerts, shows, for organization of festivals and international tours. AVIP Group has gathered responsible and stunning colleagues around itself. We conduct all activities with great devotion, integrity, competence, perfection and vigilance, which raises trust and respect of our clients and partners.

We offer a wide range of activities and our implementation capabilities include:

Artistic Agency

Artistic Agency for Cruise Lines

Artistic Agency for Hotels

Service of Festivals


Service for Polish and foreign artists

Concerts and Events

Multimedia activities

Graphic creations and printing

Photo sessions

Phonographic and Recordings activities

Equipment, technical service and transportation

Hostesses / Hosts

Educational programs

7 steps to achieve the goal:

First step – the interested client must complete and send us the application form posted on our website.

Second step - our team examines the needs of the client, asks him/her additional questions and clarifies the requirements.

Third step - we create the initial concept of the event - the main idea and the script, we describe the ideas and show some sample photos of their implementation to the client, we present the method and technique of operation (participant data collection system, presentation systems, sound system, lighting, etc.), we offer catering with preliminary menu versions.

Fourth step - we prepare the initial estimate, which includes all elements of the initial concept: service of the event, insurance, security and documentation; then we visit the client and show him/her the ready presentation on the event.

Fifth step - we wait for potential changes or additional wishes of the client and after his/her approval we begin to prepare the whole concept of the event.

Sixth step - we start working on the project: we order the artists, the entire spectrum of attractions and the venue, we purchase the necessary goods and products and we prepare the elements of decoration.

Seventh step - here comes the realization time; the client has great fun and we are watch, film, document, take photos of the event and archive it.