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Dances of the World


This is a collection of about 35 European traditional dance / ethnic, designed for string orchestra, chamber and symphonic orhcestra involving typical traditional instruments such as cymbals - dulcimer, bagpipes, zurna, clarinet, turkish clarinet and choir. Dances are a favorite program for each audience. Among the ethnic dances you can find the famous Zorba the Greek dance and Balkan, Turkish, Jewish, Carpathian, Moldavian dances and more.



Review of the concert "Dances of the World" by Woytek Mrozek, Poznań Philharmonic Orchestra / February 3, 2003
Clarinettist Woytek Mrozek was in an ideal situation during the philharmonic concert on Friday. With the Poznań Philharmonic Symphonic Orchestra conducted by José Maria Florencio Junior, he performed a repertoire he wrote for himself. Can there be a more perfect situation for a soloist: to have an influence on how to exhibit one’s skills from the beginning to the end? The repertoire originated from Russian, Greek, Bulgarian, Jewish, Turkish, Hungarian, Gypsy and other music  - and that’s what sells well recently. For his performance, the soloist selected also "ethnic" musicians from Ukraine: dulcimer player Igor Lomaga, accordionist Pavlo Tabakov and the vocal group Menestrele wearing folk costumes. He created a project destined to success, judging by the Adam Mickiewicz University’s auditorium closely filled with music lovers.
Mrozek turned out to be a superb clarinettist. He is a clarinet "animal" being one with his instrument, a painter of all colours, and a born polystylist. Bulgarian dances pulsate in his blood but this does not disturb him to metamorphose after a while into a klezmer ("Samuel’s Laughter"), and later to play in the sensual rhythm of tango (pieces by Astor Piazzolla). To give a circus show? Why not! In the final Hungarian dance no. 5, Mrozek performed a long solo cadenza with so-called permanent breath (breathing in without sound interruption).
And the orchestra? With each dance it played increasingly comfortably, with increasingly bigger lustre, and even frenzy.



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Dances of the World NrII
Dances of the World Ukraina/Russia Edition
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Dances of the World

Sensation !!!

Woytek Mrozek's Dances of the World go back to the roots of the music and the modern light rub against virtuosity worked out over the centuries. Universalism narrative language of music and its incredible expression is a bridge between the audience and the performers and build emotional ties of positive energy.








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