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KlezzJazz  Mrozek Klezmer Orchestra

With full favour and responsibility, we offer organisation and performance of an exceptional and prestigious concert by Klezmer Jazz Project, popularising Jewish, klezmer music in contemporary arrangements, combining the traditional klezmer sound with elements of jazz.

The Klezmer Jazz Project program is the next and new music project of the eminent Polish clarinettist, composer and conductor Maestro Wojciech Mrozek that was made on the basis of the klezmer music tradition and improvised jazz music. This concert offer, popularising the unique energetic atmosphere of Jewish music among music lovers, is a continuation of the ”Dances of the World” project of W. Mrozek, performed at prestigious concert halls on all the continents of the world starting from the premiere in Sandomierz in 2000.

The music language narration of this project is a synthesis of klezmer, meditation and jazz music.  It also combines klezmer music with Gypsy, Hungarian and Romanian motifs in an unusual way. It is thus a peculiar synthesis of different music cultures. In a moving way, it takes audiences into the past, and at the same time, through its fresh, contemporised version and high level performance, it reaches their today’s sensitivity providing many artistic impressions.

Besides instruments characteristic of Jewish music such as clarinet, violin and dulcimer, this program includes instruments typical of jazz music – grand piano, vibraphone, contrabass and percussion. The result of this instrumentation is an electrifying dose of emotions and suspense from deep experiences and human sensitivity, and hitting them. The program is characterised by stylistic and cultural diversity and most unusual instrumental virtuosity.

The project’s leader – Maestro Mrozek has managed to invite to participate in Klezmer Jazz Project a pleiad of eminent Polish and Ukrainian musicians:  Piotr Wrombel – grand piano, Karol Szymanowski – vibraphone, Zbigniew Wrombel – contrabass, Krzysztof Przybyłowicz – percussion, Maryjan Lomaha – violin, and Ihor Lomaha – dulcimer.

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