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Woytek Mrozek clarinet

Woytek Mrozek – Artistic Name Woy Frostman

‘... since 1992 Mr. Mrozek has collaborated with the Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now ( LMN ), giving many concerts. What characterizes his play is an excellent technique, remarkable musical intelligence, warm sound, as well as spontaneity and emotionalism. He has performed twice at the renowned Prinzregentertheater in Munich in official concerts in the presence of Lord Yehudi Menuhin and Professor August Everding. I strongly recommend Mr. Mrozek to all colleagues, impresarios and sponsors, not only for his outstanding qualifications but also because of his autyentic and agreeable manner “.

( Yehudi Menuhin , Munich  10 March 1997 )

“…. The performance by the clarinetist Woytek Mrozek was most fascinating. He is quite well known Bavaria …. He has matured into a much sought-after virtuoso of an international format. In Music Festival in Iffeldorf - Germany he presented himself as an excellent chamber musican and charismatic soloist with a fantastic sound and wide spectrum of expression”.

(Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich 22 June 1998 )

One of the most eminent contemporary clarinettist, consistently going beyond the traditional attitude towards the musician’s profession – the instrumentalist extending the range of his creative activity almost every month.

The artist, famous for unconventional ideas and unrestrained imagination, continuously looks for new means of expression. With characteristic dynamics, he goes beyond conventions that divide music into popular and elitist music; in his amazing projects he combines the roles as an all-round instrumentalist, composer, arranger and conductor.

He commenced clarinet at age 15 and, from the age of 17, began concertising with the Pomeranian Philharmony Orchestra. He studied in the Warsaw Music Academy, after completion of which, continued learning  in Master Classes in Munich Hochschule für Musik. 

He was the winner of the prestigious International Clarinet Competition, in Poznan, and the First Prize at the Interacademic Clarinet Competition in Munich - Geramany. The German Federal Government, awarderd him a bursary for 2 years’ study, and the Yamaha Foundation for remarkably talented artists gave him a scholarship. 

Since 1998, Mr. Mrozek has been associated with the record producers KOCH International München. In November 1999 Mrozek playd concert in the National Theater in Warsaw with the Violin Virtuoso - Niggel Kennedy. 

Since 2003, he has been the artistic director of the International Music Festival in Sandomierz, where in 2007 he was granted the title of eminence – ”The Honorary Citizen and Patron of Culture of Sandomierz Land” for his actions aimed at propagation of culture and for his composition of the Grand Paps Mass - in 15 Movements for John Paul II, commissioned by the Polish Government, to commemorate 1000 years of the Polish Catholic Church – Missa Solemnis Sandomiriensis – Beati Mundo Corde” ( “Blessed Are the Pure in Heart”).

Woytek Mrozek mastery of the instrument as well as extraordinary gift for music enables him to co-operate with excellent and world-known Orchestras and Artists such all Polish Philharmonic Orchestras and Artists: Sinfonia Varsovia, Amadeus Chamber Orchestra, Capella Bydgostiensis, Leopoldinum Orchestra, Polish Nationaly Radio Orchestra in Warsaw.

National Philharmonic Orchestra in Warsaw, Camerata String Quartet, Prima Vista String Quartet, Henschel String Quartet, Prag String Quartet.

Artists - K. A. Kulka,  A. Ratusinski, K. Herdzin, K. Debski, M. Nesterowicz, A. Jagodzinski, Z. Namyslowski, W. Niedziela, J. Niedziela, E. Bem, B. Harasimowicz, Agata Sava and with the Berlin Chamber Orchestra, Europa Union Chamber Orchestra, Orchestra Sinfonica Santiago de Chile, Ukrainian National Symphony Orchestra Kiev, Philharmonic Orchestra Lviv, Moscau Virtuoso Orchestra, Classic Avangarde Orchestra –Minsk, and more,  artists – Eddie Daniels, Charles Naidich, Niggel Kennedy, Aleksandro Jusakos Mardones and more.

In the years 2002 – 2006, he was the main conductor of the Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Leopolis – Lviv Ukraina. He made his conductorial debut in Paris, where the artist was offered, besides concerts, recording of the first ever CD for the Parish music company EROL with the repertoire: Dvorak and Tchaikovsky – Serenades for strings. Woytek Mrozek permanently gives concerts all over the world: Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, and North America. He participates in many international music festivals, as well as TV programs and recordings for radio stations in Europa.

Since 2007, he has been managing the clarinet class at the Frederick Chopin University of Music in Warsaw at the instrumental-pedagogical faculty in Bialystok. Since 2010, he has been a doctor of musical arts - clarinet.  

Among the compositions, the following are particularly worth mentioning:

Missa Solemnis Sandomiriensis – “Beati Mundo Corde” - for Symphony Orchestra, Choir, 5 Soloists

Kantata Culmiensis  - for Strings, Harp, Violin solo, Trumpet solo and Mezzosoprano

Gaude Mater Polonia   - for Symphony Orchestra, Choir, 5 Soloists

Totus Tuus   - for Symphony Orchestra, Choir, 5 Soloists

Symphony nr 1 “Galileo” - for Symphony Orchestra, Choir, Soloist

Clarinet concerto nr 1

Dances for Clarinet solo and Symphony Orchestra

Scherzo Clarimba  - for Clarinet and Marimba solo and String Orchestra


Woytek Mrozek Premiers:

Witold Rudziński                Sonata Plejady (Munich 1993) – recorded for Bayerische Rundfunk

Harald Heilman                  Clarinet Quintet (Munich 1998)

Krzesimir Dębski                 Clarinet Concerto (Warsaw 2000)

Krzesimir Dębski                 Landscape for Clarinet and Orchestra (Warsaw 2001)

Bohdana Frolyak               Concerto for clarinet, piano, cello and orchestra   (Lviv, Kijew 2002)

Bohdana Frolyak               Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra ( Kiev 2005 )

Sławomir Czarnecki         Spring Clarinet Quintet ( Warsaw Jun 2011 )

Wojciech Mrozek               Scherzo Clarimba for Clarinet/Marimba solo and Strings Orch. ( Berlin 2011 )


Letters of Recommendations:   

Sir Yehudi Menuhin / Prince Biron von Curland / Ms Susan Strauss / Prof. Gerd Starke/

Krzesimir Dębski / Prof. L. Kurkiewicz / Eddie Daniels / Wojciech Kilar /

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