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AVIP Group provides all its business partners with advice and assistance in creation of festival lifestyle of musical culture, dance culture, wine tasting, culinary arts and home-made products. We strongly encourage city offices, municipalities, county offices, cultural centers, associations, foundations, small and big companies and corporations to create recurring events in the form of a festival. AVIP staff will help in creating small or large cyclic event. They will adjust the design of the festival and the range of services to your needs, opportunities and situations and will make this event memorable for its participants. In addition, we are proud of cooperation with the client and the effects that he/she wants to achieve.

With AVIP Group, you can be sure about one thing: your dreams fly far away in the clouds while their execution keeps both feet on the ground.

We will offer:

Complete, satisfactory service

Remarkable concept and an interesting scenario of the event

Development of the creation at the highest artistic level

Celebrities, bands and orchestras that are more famous or less famous

Professional stage sound systems and lighting

Scene, stands, tent, toilets, high-voltage units, benches, chairs, tables

Design and decoration

Professional and competent technical service

Catering serving a wide range of food, from traditional folk food to snails in white wine

Insurance, security and the feeling of safety

Preparation of event’s documentation

We offer organization of:

Classical Music Festivals, Opera Festivals, Vienna-Style Music Festivals, Chamber Music Festivals, Choral Festivals, Folk Music Festivals, Ethnic Music Festivals, Jazz Music Festivals, Rock and Pop Music Festivals

Dance Festivals

Painting and Sculpture Festivals

Child Prodigy Festival s

Theatre Group Festivals

Cabaret Festivals

Folk Culture Festivals: music, singing, dancing, painting, sculpture

Brass Band Festivals

Home-Made Regional Product Festivals

Folk Craft Festivals, weaving, wood products,

Culinary Arts Festivals

Wine Tasting Festivals

Mixed Spirit Festivals

DJ Festivals


AVIP Group has organized and organizes:

Summer Music Fest in Sandomierz (for 12 years)

Bodensee Music Festival - Germany

Rheingau Music Festival - Germany

Master Konzerte in Iffeldorf - long-term cooperation - Germany

Music Festival in Bratislava - Slovakia

Łańcut Music Festival - concert organization in the Castle in Łańcut-coproduction with Polish TV

Mikołów Music Festival - long-term cooperation in production and organization of concerts

Daisy Music Festival in Pszczyna

JezzBez Festival in Lvov in the Ukraine- Gala Concert at the Opera House of Lvov

Festival of Modern Music in Kiev in the Ukraine– Premiere Concertos

Curtain Festival in Lvov in the Ukraine

Gdynia Summer Jazz Festival

Four Culture Festival - a huge outdoor concert with our artists, cooperation with CiMusic.

Busko Zdrój Music Festival

Jewish Culture Festival in Wroclaw

Bad Kreuzenach Festival - Germany

Festival Antofagasta - Chile

Chamber Music Festival in Santiago de Chile


Music Summer Fest in Sandomierz

Summer Music Festival in Elk

Mikolow Music Festival